NirLauncher Package

NirLauncher Package - набор из более 100 утилит для восстановления паролей, настройки, диагностики и мониторинга ОС семейства Windows, включая контроль сети, просмотр и извлечение cookies, кэша, хранящихся Вашим Web-браузером, а также многие другие утилиты, собранные в единый архив и объединенные в удобную оболочку для запуска.

OC: Windows Тип: Freeware язык интерфейса: многоязычный

• Утилиты портативны и могут запускаться с любого носителя информации, без инсталляции.
• Все утилиты в пакетах - полностью свободно распространяемое обеспечение, без любого Spyware/Adware/Malware.
• Пакеты включают разнообразие инструментальных средств для своего ежедневного компьютерного использования, включая утилиты просмотра потерянных паролей, контроль сети, просмотр и извлечение cookies, кэш, и другую информацию.
• Для каждой утилиты Вы можете легко рассмотреть файл справки или перейти к Web-странице.
• В зависимости от разрядности системы, автоматически запускаются утилиты для x86 или x64 систем.

Список входящих утилит:
AlternateStreamView v1.15 - Find all hidden alternate streams stored in the file system.
AppCrashView v1.07 - Displays the details of all application crashes occurred in your system.
Asterisk Logger v1.04 - Reveals the passwords stored behind the asterisks ('***') boxes.
AdapterWatch v1.05 - Displays useful information about your network adapters.
ActiveXHelper v1.12 - View essential information about ActiveX components installed on your computer.
BlueScreenView v1.27 - Show information about blue screen crashes occurred in your system.
BluetoothCL v1.05 - Show bluetooth devices list.
BluetoothView v1.37 - Monitors the activity of Bluetooth devices around you.
BulkFileChanger v1.01 - Change date/time/attributes of multiple files.
ChromeCacheView v1.22 - Chrome Browser Cache Viewer.
ChromePass v1.05 - Password recovery tool for Google Chrome Web browser.
CleanAfterMe v1.37 - Clean files and Registry values in your system.
Clipboardic v1.10 - Small and simple clipboard manager.
Content Advisor Password Remover v1.01
CurrPorts v1.81 - Displays the list of all currently opened TCP/UDP ports on your computer.
CurrProcess v1.13 - Displays the list of all processes currently running on your system.
CustomizeIE v1.01 - Add/delete toolbar buttons and menu items in Internet Explorer.
DeviceIOView v1.02 - Watch the data transfer between a software or service and a device driver.
DevManView v1.10 - Alternative to the standard Device Manager of Windows.
Dialupass v3.06 - Recovers Dial-Up passwords in all versions of Windows.
DiskCountersView v1.00 - Show disk drive read/write counters.
DiskSmartView v1.02 - Retrieves S.M.A.R.T information from IDE/SATA disks.
DLL Export Viewer v1.41 - Lists DLL exported functions and their memory addresses - for debugging.
DNSDataView v1.05 - Retrieve the DNS records (MX, NS, A, SOA) of the specified domains.
DotNetResourcesExtract v1.0.1.0 - Extract embedded resources from .NET applications.
DownTester v1.25 - Test your Internet download speed.
DriverView v1.21 - Displays the list of all device drivers currently loaded on your system.
FastResolver v1.22 - Resolves multiple host names into IP addresses/MAC Addresses and vice versa.
FavoritesView v1.25 - Displays the list of all your Favorties/bookmarks in a single page.
FileTypesMan v1.58 - Alternative to the 'File Types' manager of Windows.
FlashCookiesView v1.11 - View Flash cookies stored in your computer.
GDIView v1.06 - Displays the list of GDI handles opened by every process.
HashMyFiles v1.68 - Calculate the MD5/SHA1 hashes of your files.
HeapMemView v1.02 - View the content of all memory blocks allocated in the heap.
HTMLAsText v1.11 - Converts HTML documents to simple text files.
HtmlDocEdit v1.02 - Simple HTML designer/editor.
IconsExtract v1.46 - Extract icons and cursors from executbale files (EXE, DLL, OCX, CPL, etc.).
IECacheView v1.32 - List all files currently stored in the cache of Internet Explorer.
IECookiesView v1.74 - Displays the cookies that Internet Explorer stores on your computer
IEHistoryView v1.45 - Displays the list of all Web sites that you recently visited.
IE PassView v1.20 - Recover passwords stored by Internet Explorer (Versions 4.0 - 8.0).
InsideClipboard v1.11 - Displays the content of all formats stored in the clipboard.
InstalledCodec v1.15 - List Codec drivers and DirectShow filters installed on your system.
IPInfoOffline v1.17 - View country information about IP addresses.
IPNetInfo v1.23 - Easily find all available information about IP address.
LiveContactsView v1.06 - View the details of all contacts in your Windows Live Messenger.
LSASecretsDump v1.21 - Dump the LSA secrets from the Registry.
LSASecretsView v1.21 - Displays the list of all LSA secrets stored in the Registry on your computer.
MACAddressView v1.13 - MAC address lookup tool.
Mail PassView v1.60 - Recovers email passwords.
MonitorInfoView v1.05 - Displays essential information about your monitor.
MozillaCacheView v1.30 - List all files currently stored in the cache of Firefox/Mozilla browser.
MozillaHistoryView v1.25 - Displays the list of visited Web sites in Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape Web browsers.
MessenPass v1.30 - Recovers the passwords of instant messenger programs.
MUICacheView v1.01 - Edit/delete MUICache items in your system.
MetarWeather v1.67 - Decode METAR weather reports, and display them in a simple weather report table.
MyEventViewer v1.37 - MyEventViewer is a simple alternative to the standard event viewer of Windows.
MyLastSearch v1.44 - View your latest searches with Google, Yahoo, and MSN
MyUninstaller v1.66 - Alternative utility to the standard Add/Remove applet of Windows.
MozillaCookiesView v1.30 - Alternative to the standard 'Cookie Manager' provided by Netscape and Mozilla.
Network Password Recovery v1.24 - Recover network passwords on Windows XP/2003/Vista.
NetResView v1.21 - Displays the list of all network resources on your LAN.
NetRouteView v1.06 - GUI alternative to the standard route utility of Windows.
NirCmd v2.41 - Do many useful tasks from command-line.
NK2Edit v1.25 - Full NK2 (AutoComplete) editor for Microsoft Outlook.
NK2View v1.43 - View the content of Outlook AutoComplete .NK2 file.
NTFSLinksView v1.00 - View the list of NTFS symbolic links/junctions in selected folder.
OfficeIns v1.05 - Displays the details of all installed Microsoft Office add-ins on your computer.
OpenedFilesView v1.46 - Displays the list of all opened files on your system.
OpenWithView v1.11 - Disable/enable items in the 'Open With' dialog-box of Windows.
OperaCacheView v1.37 - Cache viewer for Opera Web browser.
OperaPassView v1.01 - Password recovery tool for Opera Web browser.
OutlookAttachView v1.21 - Extract multiple attachments from Outlook.
OutlookStatView v1.15 - Display a general statistics of your Outlook emails.
PasswordFox v1.20 - View passwords stored in Firefox Web browser.
PCAnywhere PassView v1.12
PingInfoView v1.25 - Ping multiple host names and IP addresses.
ProcessActivityView v1.11 - Show the file activity for selected process.
ProduKey v1.42 - Displays the CD-Keys of MS-Office/Windows installed on your computer.
PstPassword v1.12 - Recover lost password of Outlook PST file.
Remote Desktop PassView v1.01 - Reveals the password stored by Microsoft Remote Desktop utility.
RecentFilesView v1.10 - Display the list of recently opened files.
RegDllView v1.40 - RegDllView is a small utility that displays the list of all registered files.
RegFromApp v1.21 - Creates .reg file according to Registry changes made by application.
RegScanner v1.82 - Scan and find values in the Registry.
ResourcesExtract v1.15 - Extract resources from dll/ocx/exe files.
RouterPassView v1.15 - Recover passwords from router config file.
RunAsDate v1.10 - Run a program with the specified date.
SearchFilterView v1.00 - view the search filters installed on your system.
SearchMyFiles v1.50 - Alternative to the standard "Search For Files And Folders" module of Windows.
SeqDownload v1.26 - Download sequence of images from the Web, and create animation from them.
ServiWin v1.40 - Displays the list of installed drivers and services on your system.
ShellBagsView v1.06 - Displays the list of all folder settings saved by Windows.
ShellMenuNew v1.01 - Disable/Enable items in the New submenu of Explorer.
ShellExView v1.47 - Displays the details of shell extensions installed on your computer.
ShortcutsMan v1.05 - Lists all shortcuts on your desktop/start menu.
ShellMenuView v1.12 - Disable/enable static menu items in cotext menu of Explorer.
SiteShoter v1.38 - Save a screenshot of any Web page into a file.
SkypeLogView v1.13 - View log files created by Skype.
SmartSniff v1.63 - Captures TCP/IP packets and view the captured data as sequence of conversations.
SniffPass v1.11 - Capture the passwords that pass through your network adapter.
SocketSniff v1.07 - Watch the Windows Sockets (WinSock) activity of the selected process.
SpecialFoldersView v1.14 - Easily jump to special folders in your system.
SysExporter v1.51 - Grab the data stored in list-views, tree-views, list boxes, and combo boxes.
URLProtocolView v1.15 - View/disable/enable the URL protocols installed on your system.
URLStringGrabber v1.00 - Grab URL strings of Web sites from Internet Explorer.
USBDeview v1.75 - Lists all installed USB devices that you previously used.
UserAssistView v1.01 - This utility decrypt and displays the list of all UserAssist entries.
UserProfilesView v1.01 - View user profiles information on your system.
VideoCacheView v1.75 - Extract Web site video files from the cache of your Web browser.
VNCPassView v1.02 - Recover the passwords stored by the VNC tool.
Volumouse v1.72 - Adjust the volume of your speaker with the wheel of your mouse.
WebVideoCap v1.38 - Capture Flash Video files and RTSP streams while watching them in a Web browser.
WhatInStartup v1.22 - Disable/enable/delete programs that are loaded at Windows startup.
WhoisCL v1.34 - Get WHOIS information about a registered domain from command-line.
WhoisThisDomain v1.50 - Get information about a registered domain from WHOIS server.
WhosIP v1.06 - Find all available information about an IP address from command-line.
WinFontsView v1.05 - Display sample of all fonts installed on your system.
WinLister v1.13 - This utility displays the list of opened windows on your system.
WinPrefetchView v1.07 - View the Prefetch files (.pf) stored in your system.
WirelessKeyView v1.34 - Recovers lost wireless network keys (WEP/WPA) stored in your computer.
WirelessNetConsole v1.00 - View wireless networks information (console application).
WirelessNetView v1.26 - Monitor the activity of wireless networks around you.
WinUpdatesList v1.23 - Displays the list of all Windows updates (Service Packs and Hotfixes).

Обновлено: 11.03.2015